paola navone’s home in greece

As Paola Navone is one of my favorite designers I am very happy to have found these inspirational photo’s of her home in Greece! The stunning house is located on one of the Cyclades Islands and has a gorgeous view over the Aegean sea.

I love this idea the painted ‘carpet’s on the concrete floors (indoors and outdoors!)..

The whole house is stunningly decorated with Paola’s own designs. The iron tables in the living room (top image) are from Paola’s collection that she designed for Gervasoni. The kitchen is simple but really works well in this old house. I love the high chrome chairs in the kitchen but unfortunately I don’t have any information about them. Does anyone know where they’re from?

(update: the chrome chairs are from Gervasoni)

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  1. Beautiful Decor, I love all the white mixed with stainless steel!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, simple and clean.

  3. girl, i LOVE the ideas of the patterned floor and the white living/dining room!
    they’re just at affordable price, simple but absolutely classy!
    thanks for the post!

  4. Love the kitchen!!!

  5. anybody know what the kitchen counters are made of ?

  6. Interesting stuff. I am pleased I checked it out another time. Keep it up

  7. very beautiful decor

  8. Scusate, sapete dirmi che numero di Marie Claire Maison è questo con la casa di Paola Navone in grecia?

  9. I’m sorry, what number of MC Maison is this? Thanks so much,

  10. hey..
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful images of Paola Navone’s home in greece!
    Its great ..:)

  11. You know, you really ought to at least credit the photographer when you ‘find’ pictures like this…

  12. Zoumbouli Maria

    Je suis une greque qui habite en France !! Je suis fan!!! fan!!!! De Paola !
    J’ai meublée ma maison greque avec les meubles de Paola !!! Je voudrais beaucoup pouvoir trouver un poin de vente en France ou en Italie pour acheter pour ma maison en France !!!!pouvez vous m’aider svp !!!!merci!!

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