design from brazil at espasso

Every day I receive tons of email from companies, designers and PR firms promoting their products and asking for a mention on the style files. 95% of these emails are about products that have nothing to do with the topics I normally write about. I can not understand that these PR firms think that I would write about air conditioning systems or even the latest bra technology.. But yesterday I received an email from Espasso. And I am happy to write about this showroom as they have a gorgeous collection of contemporary and vintage furniture!

Espasso, located in New York and Los Angeles, is dedicated to modern and contemporary design from Brazil. They are excelling in the market for Brazilian furniture designers, ranging from mid-century masters such as Oscar Niemeyer, Sergio Rodrigues and Joaquim Tenreiro to today’s names like Isay Weinfeld, Carlos Motta and Arthur Casas.

Espasso: ‘The unique appeal of Brazilian furniture design results from blending of Brazil’s diverse cultural influences and a respect for traditional style. Its sophistication derives from the country’s rich artistic and intellectual heritage, which is reflected in each piece selected for our collection’. It is worth checking out Espasso’s website which offers a very complete, up-to-date range of their beautiful furniture pieces/

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  • I love that table.
    I am not a important blogger (yet), so I have to search the info myself, few people send their products to me, but last week someone request I put him in my blogroll, I checked the site and was about dolls, the porno plastic dolls.
    Gross but funny situation.

  • Have you ever noticed Portuguese furniture?
    Architects like Alvaro Siza, Eduardo Souto de Moura,… make marvelous furniture.

  • Hello!! have you ever heard something about “Irmãos Campana”? they are very good designers from Brazil. Try!!