the bamboo house

The beautiful images are from The Bamboo House in China.

(photos by Vincent Leroux for Marie Claire Maison)

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  1. So zen, I love it,I would love to dream there just one night but I need books, mags and so many things around me to slep well.

  2. This is truly brilliant!
    Even the colour schemes.
    Dear God, you have to do me a favour…..

  3. I have been there!
    You can rent the house with a group of people for special occasions! And you have the view of the Great wall of China. Really a great site. A must visit when in Beijing! You can go for a day trip, have lunch at the Commune at the Great Wall and take a tour to visit the different type of houses that have been part of a Architectural project that even got a price at the Bienale in Venice some years ago.

  4. Thanks Suzie, for the information. I could not find much information about The Bamboo House and was wondering where it was..

  5. It’s part of a commune designed by Kengo Kuma near the Great Wall of China.

    I’ve never been.One day!

  6. can u email me more information abt this stunning house? i m doing research on it… thank you very much

  7. Simple, elegant, and clean. I love it.

  8. wow, beautifull
    nice share

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