more bamboo

There are a lot of bamboo products on the market these days. As said in yesterday’s post bamboo is a great alternative to wood as it grows very quickly and is more eco friendly than timber. The beautiful lights in the image above are made from bamboo by Propellor Design.

Clockwise:veneerware plates and cutlery from Branch, bamboo bowl from dandi, bamboo plates from re:modern, sushi table from Legnoart, bamboo Spring chair from Modern Bamboo, bamboo nestings baskets from re:modern.
The Becca stool (above) from Modern Bamboo is 100% made from bamboo. The stool is available from Design Public in various colours (natural, ebony and cherry).

The case of Asus’ Ecobook (above) is covered in bamboo. And of the plastic used for this laptop is labeled and recyclable; it is lined with cardboard; there are no paints, sprays or even electroplating used on its components. Not only environmental friendly but gorgeous looking as well!

PS: if you would like to do a good deed today, please visit this website and read Matthew’s story. I know that there are lots of similar touching stories out there, this one crabbed my attention today.

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