bamboo furniture by modern bamboo

I am pleased to see that designers are discovering the potential of bamboo. It is a great alternative to wood because of natural beauty, and the fact it is technically a grass, not a wood, it grows very quickly and is more sustainable than timber. Modern Bamboo has a great collection of bamboo furniture. The company was founded in 2004 by Anthony Marschak who started working with bamboo while looking for a new flexible material for skateboard decks.

They combine classical simplicity with innovative design, offering furniture and custom design work using Bamboo and Reclaimed Wood. Using only the highest quality materials and the latest manufacturing techniques, their furniture embodies elegant functionality, seamless detail and timeless craftsmanship. Visit their website to see their entire furniture collection.

I will post more bamboo furniture and home accessories tomorrow!

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  • Great post, bamboo is the most ecological wood to use.
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  • These types of furniture’s are really wonderful and stylish, that’s why maximum old fashion people are not like these aspects, but we new generations are very fashionable so we are like these and I think these furniture’s are symbol of high status.

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