mood book for our new house

We are currently working to create the overall look and feel for our new house. This is the fun part! Here are some pages from the mood & style book that I composed.

I use this book to come to an overall look and take it with me when I go shopping for new furniture, paint, accessories etc.

As you can see I go for neutral colors and natural materials. This is probably not a surprise for regular readers of my blog!

One of the items that will definitely move to our new house is my coffee table. I will keep you posted in the next couple of months on further development and my choice of furniture and other things for our home.

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  • Hi,

    this isi so exciting! And I am looking forward to see your choices!

    But, weren’t both your appartments already nicely decorated? Matching very well, by the way! What are you doing with all the interior? Selling? Or are you using some of the furnitute in the new house? For sure you do not need 2 silver frigdes 😉

    Have fun, good luck,

  • Suzie, I have sold my apartment incl most of the furniture. We will be moving to a much bigger house so we need more and different furniture. A large living room requires larger furniture such a big sofa. I will share my furniture finds in a later stage!