tine k from denmark

These beautiful images were shot for Tine K’s catelogue. Tine K is a Danish interior accessories label created by Tine Kjeldsen. From an early age Tine always been interested in making a nice atmosphere. At 22 she started a shop which grew into a whole label.

Since that time the collection has grown and includes now not only cushion and quilts, but also furniture’s and clothes. Tine has her own style – the style is a mix of Asian, French, Scandinavian and Moroccan. Tine: ‘I like to mix colours, shapes and surfaces – despite the differences in cultures I manage to combine all impressions to a higher level of a ”very clean and simple style”. It is the greyish, ashy, dull and ”cold” colours that I love for the moment. Contrast in interior is important – that is why I mix these colours together with clear dark purple or clean white – this can be done with many different objects – perhaps a cushion or just a beautiful flower…..’

I love that Moroccan tray featured in some of the images. I have a couple of them (as I have them in Le Souk) and use them as a tray for candles, to serve tapas, and as a table on my balcony (the trays do not rust as they are made from aluminium).

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