lool82 from israel

These seats, that also double as storage space, are designed by Lool 82. This Israeli design collective created fun home accessories such as benches and tables but also wall hangings.

Click here to visit there website, it is in Hebrew though.

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  1. This is really fun, ja ja (I know that is ha ha, but I only laugh in spanish)

  2. so happy to see israeli design products on style-files! i actually own a single stool/ chair from look82. it has a red bottom and a retro fabric top print of dark brown with yellow flowers. it’s such a great piece. and really holds – both us on the outside and toys and books on the inside!

  3. oh wow! back to the old days! i lived on kibbutz in the early 90’s and we improvised with these crates for everything! Wardrobe, bed, even dining table! thank you for this nostagic moment…they are so cool….shabat shalom..

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