hotel cavo tagoo, mykonos

Today we make another trip to a Greek island. Cavo Tagoo is a unique luxury hotel located on the island of Mykonos. Nestled into a cliffside, the dominant external element is the natural rock which is preserved in some internal spaces as a natural decorative feature. Cavo Tagoo blends magically with its surroundings. The soft curves of the white buildings, the pebbles that cover the roofs, the wood that has been utilized with supreme skill, the stone, and bamboo; the hotel is infused with Nature. Particular attention has been given to the interior design. The result is a stunning whitewashed effect with brilliant splashes of color and mat strokes of gold that light up the internal space.

The hotel’s philosophy: ‘As Makers of Unforgettable Experiences we strive to be a canvas upon which our guests can color their island dreams. Our outstanding, friendly service and carefully crafted luxury that guests enjoy, are elements that achieve to perfect their relaxing stay in Mykonos. The treasured memories of our guests are our priority and so we do our best to ensure that your stay is fondly etched in your mind. We aim to be a cosmopolitan hotel and a destination for seekers of unique and relaxing experiences from the world over’.

(via yatzer)

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