bison homewares

Australian brand Bison has a beautiful collection of homeware. Their stoneware ceramics are handcrafted, durable, and come in a range of beautiful colors. They are produced with modern designs and materials by artisans using experience and knowledge accumulated over the millennia.

Bison was founded by designer Brian Tunks. After attending school in Scandinavia and Australia, Brian trained in classics and archaeology at the Australian National University. It was during his work on ancient Greco-Roman excavations in the Middle East that Brian developed his love for ceramics, both early and modern. Every day he unearthed incredible artefacts – decorative vessels, domestic bowls and pottery shards – all of which spoke of ancient lives and skilled artisans. It quickly became clear that ceramics were one of the most significant and enduring symbols of great civilisations, lasting long after the civilisations that created them had crumbled. Visit Bison’s website for more information and to check out their collection.

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  • i love bison’s ceramics and often used them on shoots in sydney, they were super nice to deal with. Thanks for reminding me how much I love’em!.