another gorgeous house

It is time again for some interior inspiration! I hope you like this images from this gorgeous house located in the UK.

My favorite feature in this house are those beautiful unpainted wooden doors (see images below). This really works with the white walls and floors. Stunning!

(images from Light Locations)

9 Responses to another gorgeous house

  1. This is beautiful and gorgeous and amazing!

  2. I amm into colors right now but this house is stunning!

  3. Hey- just came across your blog- its great! This apartment with all the white makes it look so fresh and clean!

  4. Lovely!! The kitchen is my favorite.

  5. I love the space and the light in this home – Your Site is amazing! Truelly inspiring! I hope mine may too get to this standard oneday!


  6. Comme cette blancheur est apaisante! C’est une maison où il doit faire bon vivre et se détendre, loin du stress et des soucis quotidiens. J’adore! Bravo à la décoratrice.

  7. I could live in this house..forever!!!!!!!!

    thanks for the sharing!!

  8. Gorgeous!!! At a bare minimum, this makes me want to run out and get some white paint.

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