styling by studio aandacht

Earlier this week I told you about Studio Aandacht. Today I would like to show you some of their beautiful work. Tatjana Quax, one of the two founders, has been working as a stylist for more than fifteen years. For Dutch magazines like ELLE wonen, Red and Residence but also for many international magazines.

Tatjana works together with a select group of Dutch designers and photographers to make their products look the best they can.

(images from Studio Aandacht)

5 Responses to styling by studio aandacht

  1. This is beautiful. I also wanted to say thanks for emailing me.

  2. Love the fresh flowers being used as sculpture in these photos.

  3. How do I create a concrete-looking finish over drywall (as in picture 1) Anyone?

  4. Stephen, you can use tadelakt or the paint/plaster that is beiing use in swimming pools (I don’t know the English name for it).

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