rontonton lamps by edward van vliet

These beautiful lights are designed by Dutchmen Edward van Vliet for Italian brand Moroso. They were presented at the Milan Furniture Show 2008.
The large and small geospere Rontonton lamps derive from a lighting family recognized by three dimensional geometric bodies made out of plastic and allumium perforated sandwich sheet. The radiation through the perforated sheets adds an additional layer onto all other designs.

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  1. Oh wow, I love your blog. How have I not known about it until now? I love your header design.

  2. Daniela Dahler

    Je confirme ce que dit Elaine : après une journée chargée de travail, cela fait un bien fou de découvrir ces beaux objets, ces beaux aménagments. Le choix est très réussi. continuez ! et surtout je vous souhaite plein succès dans vos projets!

  3. Thanks for all your comments!

    And welcome Elaine!

  4. Stunning luminary pieces, we’re inspired by other artists who are using timeless geometrics in their design.

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