made from recycled tires

recycled eco design
I love products made from recycled materials! It is not only better for the environment but products made from recylced materials also have a more unique quality compared to mass produced ‘standard’ items.
recycled eco design
I am happy to have these baskets made from old tires in Le Souk. The baskets are great for storing kitchen utensils, bathroom goodies and you can also them for your plants. Both the silver basket and the black basket are €17.95.

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  1. Gorgeous. You find the most amazing things. I so enjoy your posts!

  2. I really like those and am a big fan of recycled items. I would probably have to clean them real well when I think of tires!

  3. i love these too, good to know you have them at le souk!

  4. Although I do not live it, I am a fan of modern…love the clean lines and this house is great!

    HAve not been here before, nice blog!

  5. liking the recycled part but arent tires stinky and toxic?

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