silver shining

Lately I have been seeing more and more silver colored home accessories and even silver furniture. Combined with other colors (for example) silver can look beautiful in your interior. But don’t go overboard , just a few silver accessories and furniture pieces will do the trick. Above and below your can find some examples of silver interior items. Above: large silver leather sofa, silver egg chair (image from the portfolio of Beale Lana), silver bath and mirror (image from photographer Penny Wincer).

Gorgeous large vase by Dutch designer Carola Zee (this vase can be bought through Le Souk, let me know if you are interested).

Clockwise starting left: Garland light by Tord Boontje, silver leather poof, Oh Deer coat hook, silver coated porcelain teapot, classic racer, large coral vase (can be ordered in different sizes through Le Souk, just drop me an email).

Top row: embossed metal-covered chest of drawers (left), Indian white metal coffee table (right). Second row: embossed metal-covered cupboard (left), embossed metal-covered bedside table (right).

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  1. Hi, I haven’t commented before but I just wanted to say how much I love your blog. I really enjoy looking at the gorgeous interiors you continually find to post about – totally inspirational!

  2. Fun post! I love anything Tord Boontje and the chests at the end are wonderful too.

  3. The couch! the couch! How daring. Incredible.

  4. I love all the pictures you chose!!!

  5. Oh how I would love to come home to that bathroom. Lovely blog!

  6. Love all of the silver.. that bathrooms is one of my favs! It’s gorgeous!
    la la lovely

  7. Thanks for all your kind comments! I am happy to hear that this post is inspirational to you!

  8. The deer coats hooks are gorgeous; I actually have them in my hallway. I ordered them at But be careful with these; they are a pain in the butt to install. It left many silver coloured marks on my freshly painted white wall.

  9. and foxes by themselves with whatever pruning for a while, a job I thought my first cutting off that they had a young because

  10. Do I dare ?
    Yes I do , you can also in France order some metal covered drawers from La redoute …
    I love them

  11. The mirrored and metal pieces in this article are just gorgeous! Have a look at these Ralph Lauren photoframes available at Amara They really carry on the metallic theme!

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