interior inspiration

It is time to show you another gorgeous house! There are many things that I love about this interior. The first thing that I see are the beautiful old features of the house. This combined with modern furniture gives a special atmosphere.

I also love the natural elements (wooden chairs, fire wood etc). They really do well with the white walls and floors.

And that mirror in the dressing room (I wish I had a dressing room by the way) is just gorgeous!

(images by Light Locations)

6 Responses to interior inspiration

  1. my dream home. had to sk*rt it!

  2. I’m in love!

  3. Oh wow. The light, the space, the details. Love this!

  4. love how the white dressing room makes the color of the clothing pop!

  5. so clean and beautiful.. and the wood! love to see the natural raw materials coming inside..

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