ceramic tableware by christin johansson

Christin Johansson is a Swedish artist living in Copenhagen. As a trained nurse and ceramicist, Christin challenges the traditionalism of the ceramic trade through her clinical, almost sterile sculptural objects and wares that draw inspiration from hospital and industrial environments.
Christin: ‘My tableware reflects my fascination for plastic packaging. Shapes and forms we see every day and, still, we hardly notice them. My intention is to make people realise the form – not just the function.’ All her products are made from white porcelain, cast or hand built, with an unglazed exterior and shiny, transparent glaze on the inside. Check out her website to see her entire line. I especially love the tableware collection!

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  • These are really fantastic!
    Love the patterns and the way the vase on the left seems to be made of folded white cloth! Really original.
    Thanks for sharing!