kitchen collection by mcguire

Check out the new Kitchen collection by McGuire! The natural wood and wicker furniture pieces are gorgeous (and so are the images!). The collection is made up of 21 new pieces and includes 3 tables and 11 chairs and 7 counter stools.
The designs are inspired by a variety of recognizable styles: Danish Modern, traditional Japanese and mid-century modern. These pieces also take advantage of their uncommon components to recall the organic nature of their raw materials, with shapes inspired by the tangle of jungle rattan, the solid trunk of an exotic tree, and the intricate pattern of sunlight on the forest floor. McGuire is a San Fransisco based company. Their mission is to lend pleasure and permanence to contemporary living by creating functional art of lasting value, backed by exceptional. Click here for more information about the Kitchen collection. Unfortunately this line is not affordable for most of us…

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  • hey Danielle,
    just wanted to say thanks for the efforts on the lights… i must admit looking for pendants/lighting in general can be fun but also frustrating becuase of budget!
    wouldnt you love to own all thse cutting boards here?? beautiful!
    i saw the moroccan leather poof in your shop… just beautiful.. i remember when i was about 8 my mum found something sort of similar at a yard sale.. it was an exciting day!! haha
    take care and thanks again,