colorful accents

The images are pure eye-candy! The base color is white but the (lucky!) owners of this Georgian house in the UK have added splashes of color with colorful furniture and wall decoration. I love the sofa, which I think is from Squint.

(images from Light Locations)

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  1. Oh wow, this is so very much what I like! I wish i could make my house look a little more like this!

  2. it is so beautiful and lovely?

  3. that sofa is super cool – it works so well in the white space.

  4. That sofa is amazing. I’ve really been inspired with what some designers are doing with white walled interiors these days.

  5. you have such a wonderful eye for color. i really enjoy the visuals on your blog. thanks.

  6. I AM totally in LOVE with that Chesterfield, i’ve been wanting to do something like that for a long time now. So inspiring.

    Jen Ramos
    ‘100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More’

  7. These are amazing !

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    (or just search under Akinyi)

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