pillows, pillows & more pillows

The colorful pillows showed in the images of yesterday’s post got me inspired to show more pillows. I have been seeing a lot of these thick ‘mattress pillows’. These are great to create an unique and colorful (and not so expensive) sofa and/or seating area. I love the image above (from Marie Claire Maison), the vibrant pillows work really well with the white plastered walls.

More colorful pillows in this image above. The image below is from the portfolio of stylist Selina Lake.

On the coffee table there is the copper teapot I am so happy with!

It is easy to recreate the same look. IKEA has some great square cushions in their summer collection. These are quite soft and perhaps not suitable for a sofa. I myself use some heavy quality cushions that are hand-made in Morocco. These are available from Le Souk and can be ordered in other colors and sizes upon request (just send an email if you are interested).

The sofas in the image above and below are from Roche Bobois. Gorgeous but not very affordable!

The modular sofas are from their Les Voyages collection. Visit Roche Bobois’ website for more information or to find a retailer.

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  • beautiful collection.. i lifted a couple of the images.. sources given.. thanks! we did a little taste of morocco in our place at one point with a bunch of colourful canvas we had and some couch cushions and small matresses we got from goodwill.. turnout = ok.. but there are just beautiful.. i saw the roche bobois set in a mag not too long ago so thanks for reuniting my love with it!! oh.. one last thing.. do you know anything about the hanging lights in the ikea(?) add? love them or something similar.. simple.. but hard to find and when you do they are wildly priced.. any help would be just beautiful.. just like your blog! take care