made in china by carola van zee

Dutch designer Carola Zee has some gorgeous new vases that she presented in Milan last week. Her latest collection ‘Made in China’ was realized in Jingdezhe, China. The collection is presented with a book publication, which tells the story of the people behind the production and shows the way they work. The vases, made from porcelain with three different hand crafted designs, are the end result of this collaboration and show the different techniques typical for this region of China.

In the image above you see Jiang Cai Yun working on one of the vases. Even with the big economical and industrial changes in China at the moment a lot of products here are still produced manually. These products are able to compete with the low prices of machine-produced products because of the low wages the Chinese craftsmen get paid.

By creating this collection Carola wants to make consumers aware of the fact that most Chinese products and the people creating them are underrated. Through interviews and photographs she shows the amount of work and time that the craftsmen put in to the creation of this collection. Visit Carola’s website for more information and to see more of her beautiful work.

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  • Impressive, impressive, impressive. I think with all the mass produced garbage out there these days people forget what real art is like. And Jingdezhen is ground zero for Chinese porcelain. Can you imagine that someone hand paints each and every one of these?