bags made from recycled blankets

I love the Something Old, Something New bags from Tineke Beunders, and I am very happy to have them in my shop Le Souk. The Dutch designer is fascinated by woolen blankets, especially those with beautiful patterns. She transforms these re-used blankets into gorgeous new handbags. The only new part is the birch wood handle. The beautiful patterns combined with a colorful cotton lining make every bag unique.

The bag is now also available with a handle that can be carried around the arm (€82.95). The basic handbag (€74.95) has a handle that can be carried in the hand.

3 Responses to bags made from recycled blankets

  1. That is really a great idea!

  2. Sandra Josephson

    I need some advice….
    I have a wool blanket that belonged to my grandmother. What do I do with the blanket before it is made into a bag? Felt it? Using what process?

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