outdoor spaces

According to the calendar it is Spring here in The Netherlands but you would not say when you look out the window (it is grey and wet..). I just came back from my holiday in sunny Mexico. As I am still in a summer mood I would like to show you these gorgeous outdoor spaces.
This Mediterranean/ Moroccan atmosphere can easily be created by using items such as large pillows, ottomans, lanterns and Moroccan trays that can be used as a table as well (similar items are available at Le Souk).

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  • Oh, that first image almost made me cry.
    I so miss summer, its been such a long and cold winter here in New York.
    Thank god Im going on a cruise next week, so that I can experience some heat, sunshine and blue waters.

  • Oooh that first picture is so beautiful.

    Looks like the perfect holiday 🙂

    Today was freezing here in Boston, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for spring soon!


  • Were those photos from the same home or a resort? I’m looking to take my holiday in Mexico and would love a suggestion of where to stay.

  • Clairelynn, the photos are not taken in Mexico. If you want to some suggestions, I can recommend Tulum. It is less touristy and busy than for example Playa del Carmen and has the most gorgeous beach and turqoise sea. Playa del Carmen is touristy and busy but the resort Shangri La is quite nice and has a private beach which is not crowded. I just heared about a place in Tulum called Any Y Jose (http://www.anayjose.com/) which looks fabulous..

  • agree with Danielle ,Tulum is the ultimate beach spot, still not as touristy as the rest of the Riviera Maya and the beaches are the best in the world