tree branch coat hooks by max lipsey

I noticed these beautiful coat hooks at last year’s Design Academy Graduate Show in Eindhoven. The aluminum tree branches are part of the project inside>out. This project by designer Max Lipsey consists of a group of products for inside that connect indoors to outdoors. The designer: “We should try to establish a closer connection between the products we use and the outside world. The coat rack hooks look like tree branches reaching into the room”. You can visit Max’s website to see all his designs.

5 Responses to tree branch coat hooks by max lipsey

  1. I’m not so sure about this design. Perhaps in an “outdoor” setting like a cabin. But I don’t understand the fact that they are made out of aluminum and not actual wood. I digress…


  2. I really like these. I think the fact that they’re metal makes them all that much more suited to any modern interior. Cool find.

  3. These are actually pretty awesome. I like the idea of having things you wouldn’t normally expect on the walls. Especially functional things. I love this idea a lot and I think they look really interesting.

  4. so elegant – like the energy of the grouping as they seem to break through the wall to the inside and in so doing undergo the refinement of aluminum finish

  5. A beautiful and elegant statement – a tribute to the beauty of nature ,

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