chocolate pencils as dessert

These chocolate pencils are the result of a collaboration between Japanese architect and designer Oki Sato and patissier Tsujiguchi Hironobu. The last one is the man behind Tokyo’s boutique dessert shops Mont St. Claire and Le Chocolat de H. Subtle tableware effectively displays the gourmet chocolate. The “pencils” come in a number of cocoa blends that vary in intensity, and chocophiles can use the special pencil sharpener that comes with the plate to grate chocolate onto their dessert.

From the same designer come these soy sauce, salt, and pepper containers. The three containers are differentiated through a combination of sight and sound, or words as sound. Instead of relying on symbols and letters, the mouth of each container is the shape that a human mouth would make when saying the name of each product: “yu” for “shoyu”, which means “soy sauce” in?Japanese, “shi” for “shio”, which means salt, and “ko” for “kosho”, which means “pepper”. The designer: “In an age when we rely increasingly on e-mail for communication, and conversation fades from the dinner table, “talking” subtly links people and things through the power of the texture and sound of spoken Japanese”.

(via Cool Hunting)

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