new art at andyland

If you are looking for beautiful and affordable art in your home, then don’t forget to visit Andyland. This Swedish company, run by two lovely ladies, offers photographs and illustrations in small editions from Swedish cutting edge illustrators, photographers and artists.

The quality of the prints is exceptional as all their work is produced at Crimson Photo Lab in Stockholm (known for the best paper and print). The prints will not fade or age, they are guaranteed by Crimson to have a colour life for 75 yrs. Above you can see some of my favorite pieces. Visit Andyland to see more beautiful prints!

6 Responses to new art at andyland

  1. There is something Bergmen-esq (and thereby, very Swedish) about the photography, reminds me of stills from the Seventh Seal.

  2. Thanks for sharing these!

  3. That is so sweet Danielle – thank you! We are so happy to be featured in your blog, as it is really one of our favourites. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Beautiful images!

  5. Excellent inspiration! I am happy to have found your blog. Pay us a visit when you can… Luisa

  6. these are really pretty. love the white walls with a photograph right in the middle.

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