buisjes en beugels

I received an email from Kellie Smits introducing her label Buisjes en Beugels (BB+++). Product/textile designer Kellie, a Design Academy graduate, founded this dutch kids designer label founded in 2005 when she noticed the need of sophisticated and authentic clothes for kids and especially the young men. Kellie designs the seasonable limited & basic collections inspired by the functionality of kids clothes and avant-garde fashion.

Kellie: “Buisens en Beugels, which means: ‘tubular and braces’, offers a clean edge that tells a story of effortless originality without straying too far from the classics. The essence of BB+++ is a sophisticated functionality, related but independent of trends and a down to earth mentality. We work on producing our clothes in an environment and people friendly way by producing it in ateliers inside the Netherlands and a well-known factory in Portugal. It is worth checking out Buisjes en Beugel’s website, the clothes are gorgeous as well are the photos!

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  1. You are right, the photos are great. And I like the clothing too!

  2. I know they’re not dolls, I do… but this really made me want to have a daughter. haha

  3. i didn’t realize there was a need for sophisticated clothing for 5 year olds. live and learn.

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