inspired by ‘delfts blauw’ – part 1

Lately I see a lot of designers and stylists being inspired by ‘Delfts blauw’. This blue and white pottery, also known as Delftware, is made in and around Delft, The Netherlands. It has been produced in this city for many centuries and is very popular with tourists visiting The Netherlands. Above are some images from a magazine (I have forgotten which magazine) where blue & white ceramics have been used for styling. Below you seen how Dutch designers are inspired by Delfts blauw.

Carpet by Marcel Wanders for Moooi (top left), MaMa vase by Roderick Vos (top right), bowl by Hella Jongerius (below left) and plate by Jurgen Bey (below right). There will be more Delfts blauw tomorrow.

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  1. are you kidding me??? these images are fantastic. how amazing does white look with any single color – blue is fantastic and the idea that its inspired by Delfts Blauw is great, I love the pottery!

    jenn lee

  2. Very informative and good trend hunting – thanks!

  3. The blue and white looks very clean and crisp. I have a post on my blog with some more pictures of the Oriental blue and whites. Take a look!

  4. Inderdaad opvallend…veel Nederlands getinte ontwerpen. Je ziet het ook in de huidige baby en kindermode; lakentjes met bonte ruitjes in roze-wit en rood-wit, rompertjes met oranje lintjes, kussende porceleinen boerinnetjes, zelfgemaakte luiertassen met Hollandsche taferelen.

    Complimenten voor je blog, trouwens. Mooi!

  5. Great images from mysterious magazine. The blue is truly used in a new way. I never miss your blog, did I tell you that?

  6. blue and white are so classic together. Great finds…so inspiring. i love the torn away wallpaper, it adds a subtle textural element.

  7. Thank you all for your comments and your kind words! I am happy to hear that you enjoyed this post. It was fun making it!

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