australian furniture designer khai liew

Khai Liew is a furniture designer, based in Adelaide, Australia, who creates the most gorgeous wooden furniture pieces. Liew’s design rhetoric is informed by a number of historical and cultural influences. The straight line dominates his design process, leading to geometric, rectilinear furniture. Preferring to foreground form, Liew rarely strays from his restricted palette of muted tones. He mainly works with natural materials such as wood, leather, grass, stone, and wool.

Liew’s designs consolidate function with the simplicity of pure form and therefore much consideration is giving to proportion, balance and rhythm as well as the choice of materials and finish of each piece. Many of the furniture pieces are named after people who have worked with the designer over the years. Visit Khai Liew’s website to learn more about him and his gorgeous work.

Above some eye candy from the Khai Liew website.

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