modern, minimalistic interior

I have saved these photos on my computer but I can’t remember where I got them from. As I think the images are inspirational I want to share them with you anyway.

I especially love the use of wood in the bathroom!

Update: a reader just informed be that this is the work of architect Cary Bernstein. Thanks Mandy for letting us know!

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  • Hi Danielle,
    I love the idea of the wooden floor in the shower, but I can’t get past how it would wear & the potential mould issue in between the wood & underneath?? How do you deal with that?!

  • Thanks for all your comments!

    Carrie, it is possible to use in a bathroom but you can’t use every type of wood. Also, you need to give the wood a special treatment (with a sealer).


  • the shower is so beautiful… wood in bathrooms is fine as long as it is the right kind and sealed to perfection.. and then sealed again in a few years.. but i would say it is well worth it! beautiful stuff.. nice find!

  • very nice, very clean, but i must say that not too many people can keep their modern baths as sharp and mess free. As a Realtor in Chicago area, most of local (gold coast area) dwellings have some amazing features, but as soon as we come into the everyday living process, the clean and functional aspect disappears. One suggestion is to keep out only what you use at that time, everything else has got to have its place , (behind the scenes, shall we say)

    nonetheless, a great arrangement.