wallpaper for shoe lovers

After the success of Familjen wallpaper Swedish designer Lisa Bengtsson has created another gorgeous design: Svärmor. This new wallpaper is a contribution to all shoe lovers out in the world! The graphic pattern is made out of singular shoes coming from different periods in the designer’s life.

There is something special about a pair of shoes. It’s an accessory we always need to wear, which changes its appearance depending on where we go. Each shoe breaths a history of our life – some of them stay forever, others leave only a footprint behind.

This wallpaper would be great to decorate a walk-in closet. A roll of wallpaper measures 52cm x 10 meter. Both Svärmor and Familjen are available at Le Souk, and until 28th February you get a €10 discount per roll.

4 Responses to wallpaper for shoe lovers

  1. The wall paper is awesome! I love shoes, I love wallpaper, I love pattern…Perfect!
    Also, does anyone know where I could find this shoe boxes with a clear window on the side! That’s way better than glued on Polaroid! I want to see my pretty shoes!

  2. Love this wallpaper! And to answer Helen’s question about the shoebox, try Ikea: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10118155 I was thinking of buying these boxes for Eidia Lush so you could see babies like these inside: http://www.eidialush.com/eidia/designs/view/81

  3. Hi we are looking for shoe design wall paper
    Could you please send a cost and design range



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