message in a box by wendy plomp

The work of Dutch designer Wendy Plomp has been featured in Dutch magazines but recently I also saw her cardboard carpets ‘message in a box’ in ELLE Decoration UK. Cardboard is probably the cheapest industrial packaging material available on the market. Any image that is printed onto this typically throwaway material can turn into a streetwise design object; something that can have a glorious second life if left to the street where it can be spontaneously employed in new applications.

The carpets, available in various patterns, where recently used to decorate an Arabic themed dinner hosted by a restaurant in Rotterdam, The Netherlands (images above). You can visit Wendy’s website if you are interested in her work.

5 Responses to message in a box by wendy plomp

  1. So fantastic. Why doesn’t the whole world make more out of cardboard?

  2. This is really a great idea! And it’s so pretty, even though it’s such an ordinary material.

  3. oh dear. i don’t know why my comment ended up on the other post. if you can move it, i would appreciate it!

  4. i absolutely love this idea! so so beautiful.

  5. Kitchen Wall Tile Ideas have been around for centuries but with today’s technology there are so many more options unfilled that were not around just a decade ago. To achieve this you will have to let your imagination run lunatic. Your only limitations are your own creativity.

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