a parisien loft

This gorgeous loft is located in the 20th ‘arrondissement’ in Paris. There are a lot of elements in this house that I love. For example the mixture of various chairs around the rustic wooden table. The designs that have been used here are from left to right: Jean Prouvé’s standard chair, a repainted second-hand chair, Panton chair by Verner Panton, Striped Chair by Bouroullec and at the other side of the table is the 1006 Navy Side Chair.

Also the sober style of the kitchen is beautiful. Concrete has been used for the floor as well as for the free standing kitchen. The bathroom (image below) has the same beautiful sober atmosphere.

(images from Marie Claire Maison)

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  1. I LOVE that bedroom….the stairs going down to it…and the bookshelves! I would never leave 🙂

  2. the mirror is absolutely perfect – i love freestanding large mirrors as decor.

  3. Wow…this place is such a dream. I absolutely love every room of this loft.

  4. wow. this is pretty much my perfect house ever. thank you so much for the post and inspiration!

  5. love the color of that tub!

  6. As much as I love bright pops of color, I have so much respect for muted natural color pallettes. This is stunning and so peaceful.

  7. I am so inspired by the use of sleek modern finishes contrasting with the rough, rustic natural textures. The kitchen island has that lovely distressed old wood door. The bathroom stone and mortar wall looks to be centuries old. The strong contrasts made the sleek, sleeker and the rustic – well, more so. Thanks so much for the lovely design interlude! Bonnie storyboardproductions.com

  8. my favorite part is the mismatched chairs around that fabulous table. that takes guts and i love it!

  9. I think the loft is interesting and coherent in style but the bedroom is really boring.
    I believe a colored bedspread or textured quilt would liven it up!
    Right now it is too monochramatic.
    Every other room has some kind of contrasting color or texture to ease the eye.

  10. the room feels so full of light…i love the mismatched dining room chairs and the amazing clawfoot tub. so much character and attention to detail without fussiness. feels like summer.

  11. Thanks for all your kind comments! Good to hear that you enjoyed this post!

  12. This is making me not only want to furnish my own home this way but to get a subscription to Marie Claire Maison. Just wow.

  13. this bethroom is magic, the light on all the places make the rest special

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