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This week has been a very busy week for my and I am glad that it is (almost) weekend! I am sure you are too: have a great couple of days and enjoy your free time. As I know that you all love to look into other people’s houses, this last post of the week shows another gorgeous home.

The Dutch couple living in this house in Amsterdam, The Netherlands mainly used grey and black colors for the decoration of their beautiful home. They made photo copies of their children’s drawings and used them as wallpaper. How very creative, this is a great way to create a personal and unique atmosphere. If you haven’t got very creative children you can make some drawings yourself of course. Or, to achieve the same black & white graphic look you can use a wallpaper in the same style (with for example Lisa Bengtsson’s Familjen wallpaper).

I love that cosy living room! The chairs in the right corner image are from Pierre Guariche.

(image from marie claire france)

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  1. Great post Danielle – 🙂 that bedspread is beautiful

  2. i just realized i posted on the post below..oops!

    Anyhow i love this place, the neutrals they used are great! The workspace looks alot like mine too!

    Jen Ramos
    ‘100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards’

  3. love that desk and all of the photos above it — amazing house.

  4. I would love to move in there!

  5. i would live there in a second. i love everything! that bottom right photo is perfect.

    thanks for the post xo

  6. ps. i’m adding you to my link list right away! xo

  7. Fantastic house. Do you have any idea what the bedspread is? I love it.

  8. Yes, that bedspread is gorgeous! Unfortunately I do not know where it is from. I sometimes see similar ones in white/ecru but not in grey. If you would like to have one in grey, you could buy a white bedspread and dye it in the desired color (for example with Dylon Fabric Dye).

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