circle chair by hans j. wegner

In the image belonging to last week’s post about the wall panel by three sheets 2 the wind, a gorgeous chair is featured. Reader Jen is asking if somebody knows more about this chair. I think it is a vintage chair but I am not sure. Does anybody has more information about the chair?

The round shape of the chair reminded me of another beautiful chair: the Circle Chair (image above) by Danish designer Hans J. Wegner. The design is a laminated ring with stretched, wide-meshed net. To manufacture this chair it was necessary for master of crafts Søren Holst Pedersen and master journeyman Henry Fisker to develop a special machine for manufacturing it in wood – which Wegner himself actually did not think was even possible. The Circle Chair was Wegner and PP Møbler’s contribution to the SE Exhibition in 1986. And, as usual, the prototype was not completed before the very last moment – the morning of the show to be exact. Visit/contact PP Møbler for more information about this beautiful chair.

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  • I looked for a copy of the chair pictured also, it has to be vintage. I found pictures of some in a decorting book I have from the 50’s and that is the only place I could find one. If anyone has any other ideas let me know.