betsey johnson’s pink apartment

If you like pink then this post is for you! This apartment from designer Betsey Johnson screams pink from top to bottom!

In this Manhattan apartment which was recently featured in Elle Decoration UK, modern and vintage pieces are perfectly mixed together.

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  1. love the NYC apartment of Betsy Johnson I’ve always been a fan of her work…she decorates with her in mind and doesn’t let trends dictate to her…also enjoyed your blog: I also am an interior design consultant/stylist (Red River Interiors,LLC) and invite you to check out by blog…please leave a comment I look forward to knowing what inspires other stylist…Thanks. Fay

  2. she’s a legend in the pink department 🙂 !! 🙂

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  3. just as I’d imagine her home to be like haha

  4. I loved reading this article, stunning apartment.

  5. Wow, leave it to Betsey Johnson!

    I love this apt., but then, I am a BIG fan of pink. Betsey is amazingg.


  6. How gorgeous. I adore her furniture, and the pinkness… if only my husband liked pink….

  7. Wow – what an incredible apartment!

    A very feminine style, and she’s created something very unique there.

    The vintage pieces work perfectly there. I especially like the painting of the woman in the pink dress.

  8. So feminine and elegant. love it!

  9. Is this a shop she designed for Victoria’s Secret?

  10. Anyone know what paint color this is?

  11. I agree with this. Nice work.

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