diy cd case / wall art (download for free!)

I love these paper cases that you can use for storing your cd’s (and creating beautiful wall art!). And the good news is that you can download these gorgeous cases, created by STUDIO LO from France, for free.

Go to this page and click on the photo with the design of your choice. The website is in French but do not worry: downloading is easy. Enjoy!

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  • If you click on the “Objects” link on their website, there is a .jpg of how to fold them. Cutting them out isn’t clear on the Noir or Animal one, but the Colour pattern shows how to cut them out.

    It’s actually easy when you use the color pattern, but the others are difficult to know where to cut.

    The biggest design flaw is that there is no way to keep the thing shut.

  • Dear Danielle and style files readers,

    My name is Aruna Ratnayake. I am one of the two French designers Studio Lo.

    We found that you blogged our work “alveole”. Thanks for your interest .

    I write to you to give you some more Precisions, because it’s seem there is a misunderstanding

    about it, probably caused by the barrier of language.

    The PDFs downloadable on our website has not been designed to be use with standard A4 sheets

    (but why not). They must be used with our pre-folded paper alveole. That explain why it doesn’t

    work very well with standard A4.

    Please find either on our website the free software alveoprint: wich allow you to make your own cds wall art

    with the image of your choice.

    The alveole paper sheets will be available on February, in the corbeille (our distributor)website and probably

    In usa.


    Aruna ratnayake

  • i can’t seem to get into website. i’m a year too late! does anyone still have the instructions?