reversible cardboard theater

Weather girl, celebrity star, bistro chef or mummy preparing a delicious cake …. There’s no end to the possible story lines with this contemporary theatre in reversible cardboard. These cardboard screens, designed by Armelle Vetillard, very quickly and easily become a game that has infinite possibilities …. Easy to assemble, and very stable, the theatre consists of three sections which are printed on both sides; a floor-standing lamp and a cat on the living room side, and lots of fun utensils on the kitchen side! Plus, the television screen comes off and becomes a map of France to fill in on one side, and a drawing of a mini pop star on the other! The theatre, which is made from 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard, folds up flat so it can easily slide under a bed or behind a cupboard.

Available from Little Fashion Gallery for £27.30. By the way, Little Fashion Gallery is having a great sale with 30-50% on some of the cutest baby and kids clothing.

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