designs made from salt crystals

Last week I posted about MAX 5000W from thehomeproject * design studio. But this German/Portuguese design label has more beautiful designs that are worth mentioning! SALTY EGG – Re-Shaped Tradition (above image) is an egg holder that interprets tradition by bringing together past knowledge and contemporary aesthetics. An old Portuguese tradition sells boiled eggs out of a plate which is filled with salt. The salt conserves the egg for a longer period and avoids strong smell. The crochet technique builds a structure for salt to crystallize. The outcome is a standard egg holder made of pure white salt crystals. A natural useful object to expose, serve and eat boiled eggs.

The same technique has been used for UNBLOSSOM – Saltcrystal Bowl (above image). Traditional hand-crafted doilies are raised into bowls by crystallizing salt. Beautiful crystals keep the fragile textile in a blossom shape.

thehomeproject * design studio is founded by German born Kathi Stertzig and Albio Nascimento who is originally from Portugal. Both live and work in Berlin (Germany) and Faro (Portugal). Their vision: “We believe in the little something, beauty, relations and simplicity. Our aim is to create atmosphere and disturbing questions. We look for the missing links in things. Ask us for the subtle change of something.” Visit their website to see more of their work.

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