colourful mexican resort

On this cold, dark day I am in the mood for some sunny images. These colorful photos are from the Club Med resort in Cancun, Mexico.

The resort recently has been renovated by architects Marc Hertrich et Nicolas Adnet. This architect duo has beeing using local colors, style and materials for interior decoration as well as the exteriors. The result is beautiful! I especially like that warm yellow color on the wall on the left image.

I am going to Mexico in March, not to Club Med though, and I am really looking forward to this trip. I am in need for some sun!

(images from Cote Maison)

5 Responses to colourful mexican resort

  1. a bit too colorfull,and the color a bit vibrant,but sure diffrent from any other resort i’ve seen before… a great place to have fun!not suitable for people who wanted to relax,tough…hehehe

  2. thanks for the colors!!!!!

  3. where in mexico are you off to???

  4. Wow! I think I’ll get married there.

  5. wow, such a nice place. i hope you don’t mind but i posted some links to some of your posts on my blog (that i love) 🙂

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