honey comb lamp by kyouei design

This gorgeous ‘honeycomb lamp’ is designed by Kyouei Design. This Japanese design company has used ‘denguri paper’ for lamp. Denguri paper, a local product of Shikoku region in Japan, creates a lantern-like shading effect.

The fold-out paper outline can surround any light bulb and socket, with the stretched folds producing a honeycomb pattern. When the lamp is folded, the thickness is about 2 cm. To unfold it to a lamp shade you need to stick the sides together with some pins ( included).

With this lamp designer Kouichi Okamoto has proved that innovation and style can go hand in hand with affordability. The price of the lamp is around $48. Available from unica home (US), design my world (UK) and Charles & Marie (EU).

3 Responses to honey comb lamp by kyouei design

  1. I remember my Grandmother had fold out decorations that were just like the lamp…only they looked like Christmas trees and pumpkins and hearts, etc…

  2. honey comb lamp has the artistic charm, and I once have a present–a hat was resembled the
    shape of the honey comb lamp…

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