First of all I want to wish you all the best for the New Year! I hope that 2008 will be a happy, inspiring and creative year for you! I always set some goals for myself for the coming year. Some of them for 2008 are finding a new house, excersize more (this one is coming back every year…), take up painting lessons (my first lesson in at the end of January) and learning how to sew. I am a bit ashamed to say that I do not now how a sewing machine works, and I want to be able to make my own pillow covers for instance. I soon as I know how to do this I will purchase some of the beautiful fabrics that I have seen at Volksfaden.

Volksfaden has a gorgeous collection of fabrics (see image above and below) that are imported from the US or Japan. The shop is based in Germany but they ship world-wide. Shop owner Linda Gaylord is committed to offering an exquisite range of exciting and innovative quilting fabrics. All of the fabrics are imported from the United States or Japan. Linda only sells fabric that she love to work with herself.

The fabrics pictured above are my favorites. These will make great kitchen towels and curtains! Visit Volksfaden’s beautiful website for more information and to see their entire collection of fabrics.

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  • Happy new year! I wish you and Le Souk a wonderful 2008! May all your dreams come true…I couldn’t agree more with you about the beautiful fabrics from Volksfaden and Linda is such a nice person! Good luck with your sewing lessons…

  • I hope you have a very happy and fulfilled 2008. I’ve spent some of my holidays drooling over the Volksfaden site. I wonder when I’ll ever click that buy now button….

  • Happy New Year Danielle!
    I wish you a fabulous 2008 with lots of joy and laughter! Sewing is so much fun and you’ll learn to sew pillow covers in no time. Good luck with that and with your other projects!

  • Dear Danielle,
    I stop by your site regularly and was so surprised to see volksfaden mentioned! Thank you very much, what a lovely surprise! All the best for 2008, I look forward to many more of your wonderful and unique design finds!