doily chair by Tara Murray

Designer Tara Murray is located in Calgary, Canada where she has recently completed her Masters Degree in Industrial Design from the University of Calgary. Her thesis project focused on product attachment – striving to maintain emotional connectedness to older products through new design. Her research and design interests have led her to explore products of Canadian pop culture, craft processes, aesthetic assessments and personal environments. Tara hopes to use these emotional and experiential design aspects of product attachment, identity, value, meaning and memory in future practice.

One of her designs is the Doily Chair. This design was an exploration in designing a new furniture piece utilizing an outdated object. The new composite linen doily has found its home supported on a wide walnut chair frame. The recontextualized doily provokes images of grannies and formal parlours of the past yet maintains its contemporary proportions and usage. The Doily Chair is a project from the thesis work on attachment and thus employs the six developed Design Tools to Encourage Emotional Attachment. To see more of Tara’s designs you can visit her website.

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