oh deer

There are a lot of deer inspired articles on the market these days. For all you deer lovers I have made an overview of all deer that I have seen lately.
First row: animal bowl with deer by Dutch designer Hella Jongerius. Second row: tray with deer print from Ibride ($59); Faris Deer Whimsy by Maggie Kerns ($58).

First row: cute crocheted ‘bambi’ by Anne Claire Petit (€20.95); adorable floor cushion with deer print designed by Nicole Chiala& Kristina de Corpo for Amenity ($130). Second row: flora plus fauna print by Etsy seller traceface ($20); deer shaped pillow by Salvor Fauna ($84).

First row: pendant light by Atelier R. BERNIER. Second row: the Mod Lodge Sideboard is made from real wood veneer laminate and kirei. Third row: chair designed by Atelier R. BERNIER (€450); this fun coat hanger has two hooks shaped like the two antlers of a deer (€21.95).

First row: Deer Friends & Fam Holiday cards by Modern Dose ($19.95 for set of 12 cards). Second row: deer cushion from Atelier R. BERNIER (€65); large crocheted reindeer with funny long arms and legs by Anne Claire Petit (€49.95)

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  1. this post is beautiful, i really enjoyed the last pic the best!!

    Jen Ramos
    ‘Earth Friendly DESIGNER Cards’

  2. Check out the set I did last week on faux taxidermy.

  3. Pam Colangelo

    No Idea where your getting the time – but keep it up Im in the US and loving it – now i have carts full in denmak and the shipping is more than the items
    couldnt resist sending this – you missed on a reindeer lamp sending link and pic hope you get one ……


  4. For readers in the Netherlands, the deer tray is available at egg mercantile in Amsterdam. 🙂


  5. What a fun post! You’ve got a really great collection here–still love that designer Hella Jongerius piece.

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