gift ideas for home accessories

Today some gift ideas for people that are into design and home accessories. Tomorrow I will be posting part II of this gift guide but then with more colourful accessories. The last gift guide, that will be posted later this week, will be about personal accessories.

Images above: Helmi oil lamp is a delicate, lace-patterned ceramic oil lantern that brings joy, not just by its beauty but also by the magical atmosphere that it creates (€71.50); the cute Tree Owl Lamp is from Anthropologie ($198); ceramic and oakwood clock designed by Dick van Hoff (€285).

First row: Kuvio bowl designed by Tapio Anttila is made from double-laminated walnut wood with a layer of birch to create the contrasting white grooves (€85). Second row: Warm tea & coffee set from Tonfisk is made from ceramic and oak (€138); this beautiful porcelain teapot has a silver coating (€35.95). Third row: this hand-carved stool is made from DIMB wood from Senegal (€269).

First row: Coffee Set is a set of 6 cups, 6 saucers, and 1 tray and comes with 6 elegant stainless steel stirrers ($49). Second row: Vase Ecaillé is designed by Ionna Vautrin & Guillaume Delvigne (€165). Third row: Porcelain Spoons from Coe & Waito of Toronto ($30-32).

First row: Print designed by Will Carey is a rounded lantern that can float on water or be placed on any surface (€30). Second row: Tse & Tse Mirza Teapot designed by Catherine Levy & Sigolene Prebois ($175); Pieter Stockmans Nesting Bowls from Rose and Radish.

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