gift ideas for kids

With the holiday season approaching it is time for some suggestions for stylish gifts, starting today with gifts for kids. More gift suggestions will follow later this week. I hope you will enjoy them!

These very cute hand-made Crocheted Terriers by Dutch designer Anne-Claire Petit (€23.95) are looking for a new home!; this beautiful, bright coloured ‘mini-stove’ can later be used as a bedside table (€205); the Wooden dog is designed by Yoshitomo Nara, one of today’s most important Japanese neo-pop artists (£52.67).

Polar Bear Rocker, designed by David Netto, is made from white lacquer and natural oak ($295).

This colourful Rubber Ducky makes bathing time more fun ($12); these cute baby shoes, hand-made from leather, are available in various patterns (€30); the very stylish Kids Babuches from Zid Zid Kids are hand-made from leather and embellished with beads and sparkly sequins on the toes (€22.95, also available in pink); this hand-made Crocheted Mushroom Poof from Dutch designer Anne-Claire Petit looks very stylish in any room but is also fun to play with (€82.95).

This 3-piece Kate Spade dining set, made from beautiful bone china, is painted with playful pippin park characters ($75).

This beautiful Voyager Suitcase is individually customized, fully lockable and equipped with two keys and optional adjustable shoulder strap attachment (£35).

The fun Artic Expedition kit makes the perfect gift to spark any imagination, it contains sixteen chunky figures made from the wood of the rubber tree plus Igloo tote ($30); Owl cushion/toy from Zid Zid Kids (€35.95); the cute Hat and Scarf Set, made from pure lambswool, is hand knitted exclusively for Couverture (£49).

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