amsterdam design guide

I regularly receive emails from readers asking me for suggestions where to go and what to do in Amsterdam. For all of you visiting Amsterdam , The Netherlands, I have created a Amsterdam Design Guide with all the best tips for (design) hotels, great restaurants, where to go for your design shopping, the best museums, places of interest etc.

It took me a bit longer than expected to finish this guide, due to the fact that I have been very busy and also because I wanted to make sure that I had included ALL the interesting places for you to visit. You can find the Amsterdam Design Guide here. I hope you’ll enjoy it! The guide will be updated from time to time. Please email me if you have any suggestions that should be included in the list. Thanks!

{You can find more great Amsterdam shops & stops in the Amsterdam category.}

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  • this is wonderful, i LOVE amsterdam. i’ll be using this for my next trip, which has yet to be booked, but hopefully will be soon.
    thanks for a great blog.

  • Bedankt voor dit handig overzicht. Als ervaren Amsterdam-ganger kende ik 90% al. Maar met een nieuwe woning in het vooruitzicht vind ik het super handig alle adressen op een rijtje te hebben.
    Dank voor je dagelijkse inspiratie via je blog en nu dit onmisbare overzicht.

  • Wow, that’s a great guide, i was in Amsterdam over 4 years ago, so i think i ll be planning a visit for 2008 and your guide will be my design scouting bible ! Thanks so much !

  • The guide looks great, Danielle, and makes me nostalgic to go back to all the great places in Amsterdam (and check out the ones I missed!). . . My friend Felice and I just created a Baltimore Design*Guide for Design Sponge if you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods!


  • Found your site through Siagrafica! Next friday I will go shopping all day in Amsterdam with my dad so thanks for all the great recommendations! and lover your site by the way!


  • I am going to amsterdam this weekend – and I can not get the guide to download! Waah!!! Any chance you’ll e-mail it to me? I love your style and would hate to miss any important haunts!

  • When I download the info. on Amsterdam it comes out ilegible, it looks like small squares instead of letters. Can you help me. Thanks cindy

  • Hello, Although I really enjoy your site and have used your Amsterdam guide on different trips to Amsterdam. This last trip I reserved a table at the restuarant Envy. After a busy day around the city we where confused that we where unable to find the restaurant at Prinsengracht 38? Arriving back at the hotel some 50 Km from Amsterdam I checked Envy’s web site to see that that in your guide there is missing a number 1 after the numbers 38. I wrote you to inform you how disappointed we where not to have finished our otherwise great day with a nice dinner at Envy. The Guide is still
    incorrect, please keep the guide
    reliable as we found it very complete.

  • Thank Gerry for letting me know! I have corrected the address in the guide. I am sorry to hear that you missed dinner at Envy because of this!

  • I lived in Amsterdam in ’97 and soon I will be going back for work and this is exactly what I needed for my trip back! Thank you!!!

  • hello,
    we’re coming to amsterdam in a few days and i just found your site. it is excellent! we have a design studio in the u.s. and i have only a few short days to grab some inspiration on our travels. your amsterdam design guide looks great but the pdf does not translate on my system. do you have another acess to the document?
    thanks for your great work!

  • hello danielle,
    we are off to amsterdam in three weeks with your very comprehensive guide in our hands.

    thank you so much!

  • awesome danielle, for the love of design

    I’m backpacking in europe and this is a fabulous guide. I’m eager to check out everything on the list when i m in amsterdam this july. 🙂

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