natural wave heating concept

With the Natural Wave, designed Byung-seok You, you can warm up coffee, tea and snacks without needing an outlet. The Natural Wave is not only functional but is also aesthetically attractive. The ceramic plate fits over an old school radiator. The heated plate keeps your drinks and snacks warm without having to use additional power and energy like a microwave or oven. Isn’t it clever?!

(via core77)

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  • Why ceramic? It’s terrible at transfering heat. I don’t believe for a second that thing is able to keep anything warm, much less heat anything up. They could’ve at least made the center in metal.

  • Hmmm, I very curious about what Magnus said, would be very curious as to exactly how productive this product is. If it works it would be really smart to have, but if not, maybe someone can take Magnus’ lead and improve it.

  • Well regardless of exactly how productive it may be it is still beautiful, I just wish I had some of those sexy old school radiators!! Will have to get saving 🙂

  • This thing looks amazing! These are the kind of radiators we had at my school way back when. They would burn your back if you leaned back on your chair and rested on them. I hated them back then but would love one in my home now.

  • This is such a great and effective way in order to help save electricity at an affordable price. This is definitely something i would like to avail of in the near future as i feel it will be very beneficial!..