dutch designer chris kabel

Chris Kabel is a Dutch designer who graduated for the famous Design Academy in 2001. Since they he is responsible for many great designs. Like the 1totree lamp featured above. This beautiful lamp is made up from similar elements. The design is extendable from simple lighting to an enormous chandelier by adding more elements. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Ceramics seem to be the obvious choice for a water cooker. Kettle (top left image) can stand heat, it doesn’t conduct electricity, it is very durable, easy to clean and.. is simply beautiful. Flames (top right image) is a refillable gas fueled candle. It is made of powder-coated gas pipes and fittings. Sticky Lamp (middle images) works like a sticker. Peel off the back lid and stick it on the wall (or somewhere else). Coral Vase (left image below) is a glazed porcelain vase hand-painted by artist Jose den Hartog. The hand-painted decoration continues in the flowers that are put in the vase. With tablecloth Tableshapes (right image below) you can create six different tabletops. The superimposed outlines create a lace like pattern referring to the highly ornamental laces of the past.

Visit Chris’ website for more information and to see all his other wonderful designs.

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