design studio taf from stockholm

Emma recently featured Swedish design studio TAF on her blog Emmas designblogg. Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom are two architects from Stockholm working together as TAF. I was immediately drawn to their typical Scandinavion style: minimalistic and simple with lots of natural materials and basic colors.

Above and below you can see some of their project and products. Top images:cuckoo clock Basel is inspired by a trip to Zurich, Switzerland. The glasses fit into the wine decanter. Table and stool pearl are made of birch balls in different sizes. The inside structure is made of steel. Inspiration for these designs comes from wooden turning and pearl necklaces. By vary place and colour of the balls the table and stool will get new shapes and expressions. The stair is designed for a private residence in Stockholm.

TAF also designs interiors like for this cafe located in Stockholm (image above). Visit TAF’s website for more information and to see more of their designs and projects.

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